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Use of Dashboard Camera

The main dash cam function is as evidence for accidents involving the car you drive. Dash cam can record things that later can help you deal with accidents during driving. When there are unexpected events like a vehicle going through a red light or when someone crashes into your car, the dash cam will record the event and save it as your reference. It is this function that makes dash cams very popular in Russia because of the high crime of traffic insurance on vehicles in the country. In addition to Russia, a dash cam is also quite interesting in developed countries such as Britain and America. Visit website from vdashcam to search for articles related to dashcam

In addition to the above purposes, here are some benefits of car dashboard camera is also no less important.

– Prevent insurance fraud. Examples of cases in question are if there are other vehicles that deliberately crash to make insurance claims. In some countries, the use of dash cam is required if we want to ensure the vehicle.

– Prevent illegal levies. Apparently, this is normal in Russia, where the level of abuse of authority by the state police is quite high. Thus, drivers, especially drivers of large vehicles such as trucks, are very interested in owning and installing dash cams in their vehicles.

– Keep an eye on yourself. If we have teenagers and are learning to drive, the dash cam can help us provide reviews or ratings so that they can drive and traffic better.

– Avoid extortion under the pretext of an accident. Dash cam footage can describe and replay the events that have occurred, then this tape can protect us when there are others who argue about an accident.

– Protection when vehicles are parked and not monitored. Some dash cams are equipped with a recording feature even when the car is off. Who knows with the dash cam, people who want to steal will re-think to commit a crime.

– Track distance and how to use the car when borrowed. This is very useful, especially for vehicle rental companies.

– For fun, for example, making travel notes.

– To record all unexpected events.