In the development of the modern world, especially in the big cities with their advanced civilization, free sex can be a lifestyle. Although the risk of free sex is STDs and HIV / AIDS, there are still many people who have free sex without understanding the harmful effects they might receive. Because of that, the use of condoms is an encouraging thing. If free sex cannot be prevented, condoms are a fixed price to prevent pregnancy and STDs. Although awareness of condom use is still low, there is a belief that the use of two condoms in Mr.P is considered better than one, is that true? That’s why you are advised to buy condoms in official condom stores that provide condoms with the best quality.

According to, it is a big mistake. In short, one condom used seems to have been able to prevent the possibility of pregnancy and PMS. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC), condoms, when used consistently and correctly, seem to be very effective in preventing STDs including HIV. Is not that really cool? Not without reason, because did you know any latex condoms produced in the United States always undergo a rigorous test before packaging. You yourself can also be vigilant to always check the expiry date and make sure there is no damage to the condom you will use. Although there are many cases of people still getting pregnant and infected with STDs when using condoms, it is not really a condom error or a condom breaks suddenly. Because it happens when a person can not use condoms properly or does not use all the time during intercourse. So, ask yourself.

The discourse about safe sex, surely almost everyone can already understand it. However, it is inversely proportional to what they do. For example, they are still reluctant to use condoms because they think it will make them less able to feel the sensation of making love. Learn exactly what kind of thing a condom is. for example, take condoms from the packaging, feel the texture, and then stretch. Can also by licking the condom, then try to know the smell or inflatable just like a balloon. Do anything as long as make you more understand the ins and outs.