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This is a new ride in Dufan that you should try

When you decide to go to the playground, there are many rides that you can ride there. Starting from a thrilling ride to a ride that you can enjoy with other families. One of the attractions that you can visit is Dufan. One of the rides that you can ride there and never be deserted by visitors is arung jeram dufan.

However, recently, Dufan also presents other rides that you can ride and enjoy with your friends and family. the ride is Magic House: Royal Illusion.
After success with a variety of rides that have been and always successfully climbed many visitors, now Dufan presents the subconscious attraction again.
Even so, the theme offered is different from the previous theme and claimed by Dufan to be more exciting. For 40 minutes, visitors will be taken to the gathering place of the magicians who present a tense illusion. The magic attraction will present the latest two magic tricks that can make visitors amazed.

With the new magic tricks at Magic House Dufan, Royal Illusion can provide different new experiences for Dufan’s visitors. They can see firsthand how reliable magicians perform their skill attractions that can amaze visitors, besides that visitors are also involved in the game.
Not only magic attractions, Dufan’s visitors will be spoiled for a special price for two full months which certainly does not make your holiday costs go up dramatically.

So, there is no need to be afraid if you will pay dearly because you will not pay the full price if you are able to get a promotional ticket price or with a substantial discount. That way, you can ride this ride and you can enjoy it with your family and friends. As a ride that has just been opened, then you must be able to feel the ride and enjoy it very well.