Making a documentary, it’s good you know first understanding of this type of film. The documentary is the entire film documenting reality. The storyline is a true story without having to be engineered before. For example, film your trip with friends while climbing a mountain or a unique story while in school, simplify it to determine the documentary because it shows back what is in life. Actually, the term documentary itself stems from Moana Moana’s film which aired on February 8, 1926. The film made by Robert Flaherty is written by The Moviegoer which is a pseudonym, John Grierson. Nowadays, there are quite many kinds of the online film festival that also hold documentary movie competitions.


Well, after knowing a bit about its history, this time IDS will give you how to step to make a documentary. Whatever you have to pay attention to when making this movie, maybe your fad movie can win the documentary film contest.

Define the idea.

Well, the first step in making a documentary is to determine the idea. You do not have to fantasize about what you will take in your movie. Ideas can appear anywhere, even near you. Try to be sensitive to the surroundings because sometimes things that are considered ordinary by many people.

Film Statement.

You’ve found an interesting idea? Now hurry to write it down on a piece of paper. This is certainly a reference to you in making angel and storyline. Create and finish how the scenario will be run. And no less important is to multiply the reference. References can be seen from some other documentary, or if you want to take a documentary about a culture, it’s good to know the history clearly and correctly.

Create an outline.

The third step is to create an outline or familiar script. The script becomes a fictitious story of the movie you create so you become more focused. Actually, the script has many functions you know. With the script, you can more clearly tell what your idea to the people involved in the film process. Scripts become a structural tool that becomes a guide so you must make a clear and imaginative script and be a reference to anyone who will you interview in your film as a resource.