Perhaps many people are confused about how to train puppies or dogs with ropes, because puppies like to bite the rope, so that the rope becomes damaged, or because the puppy tugs at the rope, you are worried that the puppy becomes sick and choking. But the above things can be avoided and the puppy can also adapt to the rope and walk happily beside you, not attract you and make you feel uncomfortable and make you lazy to take your dog for a walk. These can be avoided by ensuring that you are using the right tools for your puppy. Use a leather leash or rope made of nylon or fabric, for large dogs use a choke chain and put the leash / choke chain on the neck of your dog, but under the ears and lower part of the jaw. The puppy will try to attract you, but if the leash/choke chain is in the right place then the puppy will not choke, even if the puppy is choking, then he will learn not to pull.

Then, provide a snack, when the puppy is leaf / choke chain, he would feel uncomfortable and unaccustomed, if the pup is walking with a leash / choke chain follow wherever he goes, some puppies will chew the leash / choke chain the puppies will stand still because they feel uncomfortable aka “strike the road”, well you can prepare a toy, or a snack for the puppy, call his name and sound the toy or throw the snack the way you want when the leash is installed . Praise and coax your puppy when he does the right thing. Never hit or scold the puppy when he or she fails to do your commands, because he will feel that wearing a rope means to be scolded.

If the puppy begins to obey and stop pulling the rope, walking when you walk with it, stops when you stop, then the exercise can be said to be successful, because your puppy is used to the rope and does not pull on the rope when walking.

Do the exercise routinely and always give praise and snack when he does the thing you want correctly. For exercise always be fun for him.