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With All the Problems You Have, Is God Really Unfair?

As humans, we often think that God is unfair and makes our lives always difficult. However, have we ever realized that what God did to his servants on earth was just very fair? For people who believe that god is real. They never think that God is unfair, they always think that what God does is the best plan they receive. They believe that God works very well in managing human life. So why do we always feel unjust with all that God has given us?

Let’s consider some examples that might change our perspective of a God that is not fair:

• We must often see someone owning homes and luxury cars, then why do not we have them?
One thing we must understand is that they may have worked very hard from morning to night to buy all the luxury items they now have. They may have sacrificed time with their family and friends to earn money to buy all those luxuries. What about us? The effort that we do to pick up the luxury may still be lacking. We may still want to enjoy our time which is less and less with our family and our closest people. This is where God plays a role, He will give something according to the human effort.

• We must have sensed that the plan we have put together is suddenly broken, right?
Many plans that we make in life but must be canceled because there are other things that mend. For example, we have planned to carry out marriage with our spouse. However, suddenly our partner was cheating and chose another woman. If we assume that God is unfair because it puts us in this position, then we are wrong. we should say thank you to God for letting us know the problem at the right time, not when we have been married to that person. God always has his own way to love his servant. Compassion may sometimes be unreadable, but it will always be there.