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Our phone can actually be spied on without being noticed

In the digital age do not expect someone to hide if still using the device. In the movies, there are many a smartphone stories used as a tool for hunting, where someone who brings the smartphone can be followed and in search of its existence. That’s why some people prefer to use Bug Detector in order to protect their privacy.

What a smartphone can really show a person’s position, and cannot be turned off.

Or there is an alternative in smartphones with Airplane Mode. This means the smartphone does not send and receive anything, in other words in Silent total. Whether the mode turns off tracking on the smartphone.

We ask the experts, Gary S Miliefsky from the company SnoopWall. Telling each phone has 2 operating systems.

One is connected to the cellular network and again looks to the owner. When Airplane mode is enabled, the feature just turns off the system for its owner. This feature can be found on Android or iOS smartphone system.

No need to send GPS coordinates, and no need to call the BTS tower. When the smartphone is set aside, one’s position can be known. Although using old cell phone though.

If the tower picks up Ping’s signal from the smartphone, a person’s presence can be predicted where his position is.

Using a triangular or minimal angle coordinate pattern or shape can be captured at 2-3 BTS towers.

Only telephone operators can send the data but not to the public.

Only the authorities can ask the operator if a smartphone phone that is currently integrated with the navigation tool.

BTS tower simulation tool

The tool is named IMSI Catcher or Stingray. I do not know what the name can be various kinds (2014). This tool is to unload BTS stations, and the phone can divert all data to the device. When enabled, within a certain radius, the simulation device can intercept speech and messages from the mobile phone.

Approximately 10 years are used by law enforcement officers, but reportedly also used for wiretapping without permission or use its own secret.

The FBI initially trained police officers in America not to mention they own the tool. Even used to trap criminals who needed data for prosecutors to the judiciary and asked not to reveal where their source.