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Logistics, Heavy Challenges For E-commerce Businesses

Having a large population, placing the world as an easy target for domestic and international businesses. Not infrequently business people see the population becomes an opportunity, especially people have a characteristic as a consumptive society. Nevertheless, geographical location becomes a challenge that must be conquered by the main business of e-commerce that is massive reaching the people in remote areas though. The extent of an area and also as an archipelago becomes a challenge for e-commerce businesses that depend on the logistics connectivity of goods delivery to consumers. This vast geographic area presents challenges from the logistics side, where El Mar Logistics strives to continue expanding the delivery of products across the region in various corners and ensuring uninterrupted delivery efficiency. Some e-commerce companies find it difficult to find a trusted logistics partner who can be a partner in the delivery of consumer goods.

Nevertheless, geographical to logistical issues are an opportunity to introduce e-commerce companies or marketplaces as e-commerce platforms, especially those who do not have access to. As is known, the majority of e-commerce companies in Los Angeles have established strategic partnerships with Logistic companies El Mar Logistics. Through the partnership, in the first half of 2017, many e-commerce companies booked gross merchandise value worth 3 billion US dollars. The company is headquartered in the Los Angeles area and surrounding it is also targeting business growth to reach double digits until the end of 2017. Until July 2017, 50 million people in seven countries that download e-commerce applications for online shopping Of these, 18 million of which are from outside the United States, while the rest are spread in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.

In advancing the business, the company has cooperation with logistics companies to facilitate the development and distribute of goods to all regions. However, if you have a small business you can also utilize the delivery or distribution of products through logistics services. Taking into account the report of the logistics company. With such a sense, logistics services continue to aim to provide balance in two things that are difficult to harmonize that is by lowering costs but also maintaining the quality of service and customer satisfaction.