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How Quality Sleep Helps You Lose the Weight

Too much sleep and rarely moves are often associated with laziness and a fat body. Somehow, you may not make mistake, sleep can also help you lose weight! Sleep deprivation can often cause rapid weight gain. Losing the weight either for appearance or health reason isn’t the easy task. There are even the factors that lead someone can’t lose the weight no matter how many ways he or she already try out.

If you are dieting, it never hurts to start paying attention to the quality of your sleep at night. Good sleep quality will help you lose weight. Here are some reasons sleep can help you thinner, which means that you need more than just taking slimming pills that can be found at www.conetxia.com.

1. Controlling metabolism

Good sleep will help you relax and control your metabolism. When your metabolism is awake you will digest food more easily and not get hungry quickly. Good sleep will also reduce appetite for snacks that can make you fat fast.

2. Prevent stress

Sleep deprivation will make the cortisol hormone soar. Soaring cortisol levels will make your appetite even higher and make you fat faster. In addition, with enough sleep and a low cortisol hormone, you will have a lot of energy and can burn fat faster.

3. Ghrelin and Leptin

The body also produces the hormone Ghrelin and Leptin which can make you want to eat more. This hormone increases with less sleep. Therefore, with regular and sufficient sleep you will reduce the amount of this hormone and help you diet.

4. Process of insulin

Sleep deprivation will reduce insulin production by 30 percent. This causes fat to be stored in the body faster and harder to remove. Therefore, meeting the needs of sleep will help the insulin production process become normal and help prevent fat from accumulating.