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Here are some rides in Dufan that you can enjoy with your family

When you visit wahana ancol Dufan, maybe what comes to your mind is a game that is frightening and challenging your adrenaline. Like the arung jeram dufan which are intended for those who like adrenaline. However, there are several rides that are made specifically for family enjoyment.

So, when you go there, it’s not just a game that challenges adrenaline that you can feel and ride, but there are also lots of rides that you can enjoy without feeling afraid and you can enjoy with your family. Some of the rides in question are

– Doll Castle
When you invite young children there, then don’t worry because there is a Palace of Dolls that you can enter. This is the right choice for you to go because this place is always a favorite for children. Istana Boneka is located in a European area that you can enjoy. Here, you will be invited to take a boat through a tunnel surrounded by various kinds of dolls dressed in custom from all regions in Indonesia and other clothes from various countries.

– Ferris wheel
Even though this ride has been there for a long time, the Ferris wheel is still one of the favorite rides for many people. Ferris wheel is a large wheel that will bring you to see beautiful scenery from a height that reaches 30 meters above sea level. The capacity of this ride is 180 people.

– Sloping House
The sloping house is one ride that does not rely on engine power like other rides.
This place carries the concept of building engineering that is able to manipulate the senses of sight.
When entering and traveling around, you will see every object in this house looks slanted. Seeing this, there are usually visitors who will walk very carefully and hold on because as if they will fall on them.

– Kalila Adventure
This ride is a collaboration of five elements of advanced technology. The five elements are musical showbiz, animatronic theater, films, sound and special effects, and science.
Here, you can enjoy a show full of technological sophistication combined with interesting stories. Surely it will be very suitable to be enjoyed with family.