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Extreme Diet Done By Hollywood Artist

Being perfect by having the ideal body is the dream of many people, whether male or female especially if the person’s profession is a celebrity or public figure. Like Hollywood actors and actresses who demand role, they must be willing to diet tight. Well if this time you are planning to do diet then the right and effective diet are Intermittent fasting 16 8 lean gains. With this diet, you do not have to torture yourself because with Intermittent fasting 16 8 lean gains you are only required to keep your diet fast and exercise. In addition, you can also do some diet that done by the actress Hollywood below!

1. Natalie Portman
To be able to act in the movie Black Swan, where he plays as a ballerina without weight problems, Natalie must lose weight around 30 kg. He diets by eating only half of grapefruit, a carrot and some almonds every day. From this role, Natalie managed to earn an Oscar. Well, the diet is worth it, right?

2. Beyonce
Actress and diva, Beyonce does not eat hard food to achieve the ideal weight for her role in Dreamgirls. Within two weeks he only drank lemon juice, as well as maple syrup with fresh vegetables added. Although managed to fall 10 kg in two weeks, Jay Z’s wife confessed that he will not repeat this diet again.

3. Anne Hathaway
His role in Les Miserables as a person with TB Anne is also on a diet with a maximum of 500 kcal. Actress born November 12, 1982, was dieting with only eating dried oatmeal, radish, and other cereals.

4. Christina Aguilera
Singer Genie in A Bottle is admitted that dieting with unusual. The food he consumes must have the same color. For example, on Monday he ate white food, and then it is kale, white beans, and white cheese. Maybe a little strange, but after seeing the difference, you’ll know if the diet was successful.