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Experiencing Problems With Mouses? Do This!

Do you have problems with mouses at home? Relax, you can do some of these ways to get mouses away from your home. It turns out bleach can be one way to drive a powerful mouse, the way is; mix the bleach with ceramic cleanser each ¼ liters, then input in the bottle and shake. Spray the mixture in the hole where the mouse is nesting, then the mouse will go away and will not come back again. In addition, you can also contact mouse exterminator in Surrey BC.

– Using mouse poison. This is the most effective way to get rid of the mouse. The trick is to mix toxins in foods favored by mouses. If the food is eaten by a mouse then the mouse will die. But this way will be risky because if the mouse died in any place or on the right that difficult to reach will be difficult when taking a mouse carcass. If a dead mouse cannot find the carcass it will cause your house to become smelly.

– Using powdered pepper. The spicy scent of pepper is not favored by mouses, so using pepper as one of the most effective ways to get rid of the mouse. The trick is to sprinkle pepper powder on places often passed by mouses, or directly sprinkle pepper powder directly on the mouse hole. Do this every day of the week, then the mouses will go away from your home.

– Using a mouse trap

Surely you are no stranger to the mouse catcher because you can find a mouse catcher in the stores. In using this mouse trap tool is very easy namely; laying a trap device that has been fed on a place often passed by mouses. This method is very effective because in this way the mouse will be immediately caught. But take note of using the mousetrap tool, because this tool is dangerous if exposed to humans, so put this trap tool in areas that are not passed or not reached by humans.