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Easy Steps to Starting a Go Green Lifestyle!

Eco-friendly living is not only good for the survival of the earth alone. Another impact, you will be much healthier and also more money saving. Because by doing go green, you do not need to waste your time and money to go to the supermarket because you can produce vegetables and fruits for your family. In addition, you also do not need to buy fuel vehicles to go to the supermarket. Given the many positive things that are generated if we do go green then there is no harm if tried, it would be better also if you apply it forever to the family.
Therefore, here are three initial steps to introduce yourself to go green habits!

1. Plant yourself
Try to start planting the vegetables and fruits you normally eat in the back garden. Invite your child or spouse to help you farm each weekend. In addition to frugality, you and your family can also spend quality time together. With vegetables and fruits, you plant yourself can also be a healthy meal for your family or juice can be a healthy smoothie with the best green smoothie blenders.

2. Eat less meat
From now on try to reduce the intake of meat into the body. As quoted from reducing meat eating, especially red meat can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Cows produce a lot of methane gas that is bad for the environment. Therefore, the greater the need for cattle, the more cattle produced and producing methane gas.
Instead, replace meat with vegetables and other foods that also have adequate protein intakes, such as tofu, egg whites, green beans, and avocados. That way you will still get enough protein and fat, in addition, the budget is much more cost-effective because the prices of substitute foods are much cheaper than meat.

3. Buy clothes that are environmentally friendly
Now has many boutiques even designers who sell environmentally friendly clothing.
All ‘go green’ fashion products are made from organic cotton. The coloring process is natural, so waste is not harmful to nature.