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Common Mistakes Happen During Grilling The Meat

Almost everyone likes to eat grilled meat or barbeque. At first glance, it looks easy to burn it. Just prepare a coal grill or oven, the meat is ready to be burned. It’s just that, the reality is that it’s easy to bake meat. One way to burn it, meat can be dry and hard to eat. Even though you will benefit from Paradise Grilling Systems, the result of grilled meat may not be as delicious as you expect due to some reasons. Yes, it’s important to ensure that you won’t do any mistake when it comes to grilling.

The main mistake that people often make when grilling meat is setting the temperature or temperature of the oven. When the temperature or oven temperature is too high, the meat can burn quickly but the inside is not yet cooked. Each type of meat turns out to have different roasting characteristics, techniques and temperatures.

Usually, the oven temperature used when roasting meat ranges from 100-170 degrees, depending on the meat. For brisket meat which is known to be tough, I usually use a temperature of 117 degrees and roast for 1.5 hours.

In addition to oven temperature, the second mistake that is often done is excessive meat overload. Seasoning or marinate with a variety of additional spices are often added to make the meat tastier. Make sure that you don’t over-season spices. Make sure the temperature is hot right before burning the meat. Also, don’t forget to make sure the temperature is hot right before burning the meat. It’s okay to give spices, but the habit in Brazil, we only season the meat with rock salt and then burn it.

The use of minimalist herbs such as salt and some added pepper will help remove the original flavor of the meat. Conversely, the use of excessive spices will cover the original taste of meat.